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All-Michigan Camporee

Wednesday, July 20 - Saturday, July 23, 2022


  • Cadets must be 7 or older to attend the campout. All 7 year old Cadets must be accompanied by a father figure.

  • Cadets 8 and older do not need a father figure to attend, but are welcome to bring a father figure of any age.

  • Camping this year is at Grand Valley/Rush Creek Council's (Allegan) Property

  • Registration is online via Jotform and Square:

  1. Cadet Registration

  2. Counselor and Junior Counselor Registration

  3. Father Figure Registration

  • Credit card and electronic check (EFT) accepted - Pay Here on Square

  • Prices are the same as in 2019!

  • Until June 1, 2022, registration is $125 per attendee - cadets, junior counselors, adult counselors, dads, uncles, grandpas etc

  • On June 2, 2022, registration will be $150 per attendee

  • Registration closes on July 1, 2022.

Camp Activities

Camp Details and Club Responsibilities

  • Each council should have one adult for every five cadets, and each cadre should have two adults minimum.  Clubs are welcome to camp together to fulfill this requirement.

  • Each Club will organize and schedule the travel to and from the campsite

  • Camps must be set up by 11am on Wednesday; all Clubs are on their own for food Wednesday breakfast and lunch

  • Camp starts at noon on Wednesday, July 20 and ends after lunch on Saturday, July 23

  • Activities will run on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning and afternoon, Friday morning and afternoon, and Saturday morning

  • Each Council needs to have 6 Cadets for Honor Cadre for raising or lowering the flags when it is their turn. This is Cadets only, no Junior Counselors. The Cadets raising or lowering the flags must wear their gray Cadet shirt with scarf. There will be a schedule of this in the camp booklet which will be delivered Wednesday night at your campsite.

  • The camp menu will also be in the camp booklet.

  • ICE—Clubs are responsible for their own ice. There will be a box of ice for sale at camp.

  • The camp booklet will have the daily schedule, the inspection sheets, Honor Cadre, menu etc.

  • Everyone will have a color wristband, including staff. These will be distributed on Wednesday before afternoon activities. If an adult is not on the Activity Personnel page, they will be in a group.

Camp Staff

  • Camp Director - Dave Mast

  • Registration - Ryan Faber

  • Food - Ron Mohr

  • Activities - Bill Hovinga

  • Transportation - Warren Post

  • Chaplain/Well Being - Dave Mast

  • Entertainment - Dave DeGraaf
  • Medical - Dave Mast

  • Site Inspectors - Don VanderKlok

  • Equipment - Tim Peters

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