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October 14, 2023

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The Chuck Wagon is held the second Saturday in October and is open to all active Cadets, Counselors and Jr. Counselors. Overnight camping on Friday is optional, but highly encouraged.  Recommended wagon size is 4-8 cadets, and 1+ leaders.

Please do not park by the flagpole next to the Pathfinder building because that is where chuckwagons go for judging before the event, and assembly afterwards. Make sure you are familiar with general compass reading, because there will be compass stations between each event. 


Oct 14, 2023 Schedule

NOTE: an air horn will sound 10 minutes before each assembly at the flagpole

  • 8:00 a.m. or earlier Wagons judged by Pathfinder Building Flagpole

  • 8:30 a.m. Devotions and instructions

  • 8:45–9:00 a.m. Activities begin

  • 11:50 a.m. Individual event stations stop accepting wagons

  • 12:00 p.m. Activities end

  • Chuckwagon committee will serve hot dogs and chips following the activities while waiting for scores to be tallied. Please bring your own drinks.

  • 1:00 p.m. Awards presentation by Pathfinder Building Flagpole (club must be present during presentation to win trophy)

Possible Games and Competitions


This is a team effort with no counselor participation. Scoring example: 0-2 off (20) points; 3 off (18) points: 4 off (16) points. 5 off (14) points. 6 off (12) points, 7 off (10) points; 8 off (8) points. (10) extra points for knowing all parts of the compass.


Square Lash - Cadets may lash a ladder with 5 rungs, using Clove Hitch to start, Square Lash to lash rungs and end with a Clove Hitch. Scoring example: (1) point for each proper lash with Clove Hitches and (10) points for a Counselor climbing over the ladder or (5) points for a Cadet climbing over the ladder.


Teams may be asked to set up 3 types of fires as well as the use of each fire. Scoring example: (5) points for each fire built and (5) points for knowing the use.


This is played similar to tic-tac-toe. Players must walk around the frame and use the corner squares to get to the center spot. If a Cadet steps on an unoccupied square, that is his spot. Play 10 games. Scoring example: (3) points for win; (1) point for tie and (15) points for unopposed.


Cadet will stand at 1st target and throw disc at 2nd target, moving towards 2nd target until the frisbee hits it.  Then Cadet will repeat the process from the 2nd to the 3rd target.  Other cadets may start play only when the next target is free.  Cadets will rotate. Scoring is 1 point for each target hit with a single throw.


Cadet will take 5 shots at a target then rotate. Scoring is 1 point for each hit.


25 questions will be asked. 1 question per Cadet in rotation order. Scoring example: (2) points for each correct answer.


With a counselor loading the air rifle, cadets will take 1 shot at a target then rotate. Scoring is based on where hits exist on the target.


This consists of teams of three cadets running from point A to point B. Two cadets will hold the board while one cadet pounds a nail in. The team then returns to point A and the next team repeats the same process. This is a timed event scored on how many nails are pounded into the board.


In this event, teams must go from point A to point B Forward, Then from point B to point A backwards as many times as you can.


(25 questions) 2 points for each correct answer I question per Cadet in Rotation Order


Cadets will stand behind line and try to throw ball through tire. One throw per Cadet in Rotation Order. Once they throw the ball they will retrieve the ball for the next Cadet. One point for each time the ball goes completely through the tire.


Cadets will cross completely across log without falling off. (No running across). If Cadet falls off, try again until he crosses. Two (2) points for each Cadet across in the first 5 minutes.


Toss the heavy washers into the shallow holes in the wood. Higher points for the more difficult holes. This is a timed event.

Saw the log

Using your bow saw, cut off sections of a small log. This is a timed team event.

Past Results

2023 Results

  • 1st Place: Jamestown CRC, with 365 points

  • 2nd Place: Bauer CRC with 348 points

  • 3rd Place: Rosewood Ref with 329 points

  • 4th Place: Beaverdam CRC with 321 points


2022 Results

  • 1st Place: Jamestown CRC, with 379 points

  • 2nd Place: Rosewood Ref with 369 points

  • 3rd Place: Cottonwood with 345 points

  • 4th Place: Bauer CRC with 338 points


2021 Results

  • 1st Place: Jamestown CRC, with 357 points

  • 2nd Place: Beaverdam CRC, with 348 points

  • 3rd Place: Bauer CRC, with 335 points

  • 4th Place: Zutphen CRC (2nd wagon) with 323 points

2020 Results

  • 1st Place: Jamestown CRC, with 438 points

  • 2nd Place: Zutphen CRC, with 416 points

  • 3rd Place: Bauer CRC, with 408 points

  • 4th Place: Cottonwood/Beaverdam with 401 points


2019 Results

  • 1st Place: Bauer CRC, wagon #6 with 422 points

  • 2nd Place: Beaverdam CRC, wagon #3 with 415 points

  • 3rd Place: Zutphen CRC, wagon #8 with 405 points

  • 4th Place: Rosewood Ref, wagon #1 with 402 points

2023 Wagon Equipment
  1. Bible (NIV) in Zip-lock bag

  2. Pail (5 gallon)

  3. Twine

  4. Hammer

  5. First aid kit

  6. Compass

  7. Clipboard, pen or pencil

  8. Pocket Knife

  9. Snack

  10. One new roll of toilet paper in plastic bag

Clubs Willing to Host

The following clubs are willing to have you join them for this event if you have too few boys to form a wagon, or if a counselor would like to come along to experience the event before bringing their boys.

Baldwin Street CRC

Thanks! Message sent.

Thanks! Message sent.

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