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The campground is used for the annual ChuckwagonCamp-O-Ree, and Snow Derby. Clubs within the Grand Valley and Rush Creek councils also often rent buildings for winter campouts.

Three new nature trails are now available for your use. You can follow this link to the nature trail webpage or find links in the extra stuff box on this page. Don't forget to show your cadets the photos of wildlife, vegetation, and mushrooms found at the campground to inspire them to come explore.


Each member club is given a dedicated camp site for their own use. (See A6 below)


WORK DAYS (Usually the 3rd Saturday in April and October)

Each work day will have a selection of churches chosen as those "required" to send at least 2 people as representative helpers. More are always welcome, and from any church. If a church doesn't show for any work day during a given year they may be charged a fee to compensate for lost work.


The "Typical" schedule for a work day consists of meeting for breakfast at the restaurant, Bunker Hill at 7:00am, and then starting work at the campground by 8:00. There is also often a coffee break in there sometime as well. The work day is usuall done between 12:00 or 1:00.


The following campground rules are to be complied with by everyone using the GVRC campground facilities. Alterations, additions, or deletions to these rules may be made by the campground committee with final approval by both council boards.

A. Use of facilities

  1. The campground is primarily for the use of GVRC cadet clubs.

  2. Other groups may reserve facilities if not already reserved by cadet groups.

  3. Final approval of requests for use of campground facilities is at the discretion of the campground chairman.

  4. Groups of mixed singles on overnight outings must reserve two buildings (one for each sex), and be accompanied by adequate chaperones.

  5. Building rentals: a. All reservations and payments made to campground chairman; checks should be made payable to " GVRC Campground". b. Overnight rates for lodges are available upon request. c. Cadet clubs may rent buildings October through April, otherwise outdoor camping is preferred. All other groups may rent buildings at any available time. Rental fees are due two weeks after the reservation is made.

  6. Outdoor overnight camping by GVRC cadet clubs is available anytime with prior notification to campground chairman. All other groups wishing to camp overnight outdoors must first seek permission from campground chairman. Any and all use of indoor facilities by outdoor campers requires clean-up by same group, all clean-up rules apply.


B. General rules for buildings

  1. Absolutely no destroying, marring, defacing, or damaging in any way, the building or its contents . Clubs and / or groups are responsible for any damage to buildings, bunks, or other property and will bear the cost of necessary repairs or replacement.

  2. Never leave fires in fireplaces unattended.

  3. Carefully follow instructions posted for using electrical breakers, thermostats, dampers, appliances, pumps, and doors. ( Each building is different )

  4. Always leave a good supply of firewood inside to dry for the next group.

  5. Thoroughly clean, sweep, and wet mop entire building before leaving ( bunk-rooms, kitchens, and restrooms). A $25.00 fee will be assessed for inadequate cleaning. If it's not clean, and not paid, no rental the following year!

  6. Clean and oil griddle and empty grease tray.

  7. Close overhead damper to bunk-room in the Pathfinder lodge before departure.

  8. Take all garbage away with you when you leave.

  9. Clean out the fireplace before you leave.

  10. Put $1/person fee in the box by the door

  11. Notify the caretaker of any problems by leaving a note or calling him at 616-896-0223.


C. General rules for grounds

  1. Absolutely no destroying of property.

  2. No cuffing live trees or injuring them by notching, carving initials, or inserting metal objects.

  3. Return all campsites to natural state and litter free.

  4. No alcoholic beverages on the GVRC property.

  5. No smoking by cadets or anyone under the age of 18 . Dispose of cigarette butts properly.

  6. No snowmobiles, motorcycles, three wheelers, or similar recreational vehicles except those used for the maintenance and care of the property.

  7. No hunting or trapping on the GVRC property.

  8. All firearm use is restricted to the shooting range only. Clean up your targets and shotgun shells.

  9. All slingshot activities are to take place in designated slingshot area.

  10. All archery activities are restricted to the archery range only.

  11. No swimming without proper supervision.

  12. All trash must be placed in bags and taken with you when you leave. Don't bury your trash.

  13. No driving past the building areas if there is more than an inch of snow on the ground. The roads are kept free of ruts for better cross-country skiing and general grounds maintenance. (Wires will be in place in the winter to help enforce this)

  14. Maintain clean and safe fire areas:

  • All outdoor fires must be clear of combustible debris within a 10' radius and have two 5 gallon pails of water readily available.

  • Never leave a fire unattended.

  • No needless burning of wood.

  • Extinguish and cover all fires before leaving.

  • Fire rings are allowed on club campsites.

  • No permanent structures on campsites.

  • Do not bring in firewood from outside the campground property. The only exception is kindling such as building scraps, 2x4s, trim etc.. (manufactured lumber)

Campground Reservations

Thanks! Message sent.


Where is the light switch for the sledding hill?

There is a timer switch located inside the Recruit building by the fireplace.

Where is the light switch for the archery building

There is large switch on the telephone pole by the road in front of the recruit building. It is clearly labeled and the light higher up on that pole will turn on when the power is on in the archery building. Remember to turn off when done and no other group is there.

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