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March 23, 2024

Cottonwood CRC

Usually held in late March, this is a forum for Cadets to display and show off the items they have been working on in the past season. Recently the event was expanded to encompass a "Super Saturday".  The whole family is encouraged to participate, starting with fun family games in the morning, then with lunch served by the Council Board, and finally with exciting pinewood derby car races in the afternoon!


  • Derby Car weigh-in and registration, Friday March 22, 6-9 PM

  • Super Saturday, March 23 at Cottonwood CRC

    • 10AM–Noon  Family Games​

    • Noon–1:00PM  Lunch served

    • 1:00PM  Derby car races begin with Jr. Cadets and proceeding by grade


  • Friday, March 22 from 6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. 

  • Rush Creek Council clubs are encouraged to setup a display table containing projects worked on throughout the cadet season.  Please share with others what your club has done, so we can all learn from each other and get ideas for next year!

  • Each church must supply their own tables and setup their own displays. Check with a committee member to find out where you can and cannot set up your display, and notify a committee member as soon as your display is set up and you have made ribbon assignments.

  • Friday is the weigh in and registration deadline for all derby cars and classes.  Everyone wishing to race must weigh in and be registered on this night.

  • Do not use individual car registration cards, use the new master list and include all entries on this list; either email the form to the address listed on the forms that have fill-able fields or print off the form, fill in by hand, and turn it in on Monday;cars which could not be included on the master list can sign up on the forms provided Monday night.

  • Each club is responsible for supplying their own material and tools if your car is found to be in non-compliance with the rules for dimension and weight. Be sure to inform your cadets, parents, and counselors to come prepared with the needed materials and tools; the committee will not be responsible for performing any needed adjustments or supplying any materials.


  • Be sure to place your car number on the front of the car and in plain sight. Any car without a number will NOT be allowed to race. Numbers should be assigned by the head counselor ahead of time to avoid duplication.


  •  RIBBONS: Each church is responsible for judging their own projects and assigning ribbons. Ribbons will be provided on the night of set up by a committee member as soon as your display is set up and ribbon assignments have been determined. Be sure to assign only one 1st (Blue), and one 2nd place (Red) ribbon to your merit badge category and only 1 each to your non-merit badge project. 3rd place ribbons will be used as a "participant award" for all remaining badge and project items.

  • TROPHY: Select a "Best Project" and "Best Merit Badge" and place the appropriate worksheet by that project or badge. The "Best Merit Badge" must have a completed and signed Guide Book or it will not be judged. The "Best Project"and "Best Merit Badge" must have the completed worksheet to be judged.



  • This will be judged on penmanship, neatness, and content that exceeds the minimum requirements of the badge. Counselors are required to fill out the worksheet in order for the badge to be judged. All non-winning entries will receive a Cadet bookmark for participating. 1st place will receive a large plaque, 2nd place, a smaller plaque, and 3rd place an engraved book mark. Please Note: The Guide Book and worksheet must be filled out completely in order to be judged. If more space is needed for comments, please attach pages as needed.



  • Races typically begin with the Jr. Cadets (2nd and 3rd graders). Racing will proceed by grade thereafter and end with the "Open Class". Racing will be by double elimination format. At the end of each class/grade race you will be given the chance to decide whether or not you wish to race your car in “open class”. Please note that 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in their class are ineligible to re-race in the open class category.



  • You can take down your displays either just before racing on Saturday afternoon (1:00PM) or as soon as racing has ended. Pease do not take down displays during the racing. All displays must be taken down and removed by Saturday night.


We hope to see all of you there!





  1. A Merit Badge or Guide Trail item to be judged must be completed according to the Guidebook. The Guidebook or a copy of the paperwork must be with the project to receive a 1st place ribbon.

  2. Best Merit Badge and Best Project must have a worksheet filled out to be judged.

  3. Only one 1st and 2nd place ribbons may be awarded to each Merit Badge or Non-Merit Badge project (total of 2 each per club). More than one 3rd place ribbon may be awarded if a club wishes to use this as a "participant award."

  4. Each item on display must have a Project card.

  5. You may bring a project from previous years, however they must be marked For Display Only and cannot be judged.

  6. Each church is to nominate one Merit Badge or Guide Trail item and one Project for judging for trophies.

  7. Best Merit badge, Best Project, and Best Display will be judged by the Rush Creek Council Board.

  8. Best "Discovering God's Word" project will be judged by the Cadet-O-Rama Committee.



  1. Counselors to design and set up (bring your own table as well).

  2. Trees, flowers, fences and other artifacts are encouraged.

  3. Council board has the right to reject items, projects, and displays not complying to the rules for Cadet Projects or Club Display Rules.

  4. No projects or displays are to be advertised as 'For Sale".

  5. No club is allowed to relocate the display, or rearrange items of another club without that club's permission.

Derby Car Numbers

In order to eliminate having duplicate numbers at the derby races, these will be your numbers. By having a four digit number system each cadet will have his own number. Each cadet must get a new number each year. Updated 2/14/2013

Youngest boys in your club should be given the lowest numbers.

Baldwin Street CRC    1000-1099

Bauer CRC     1100-1199

Beaverdam CRC     1200-1299

Cornerstone URC     1300-1399

Cottonwood CRC     1400-1499

1st Hudsonville CRC     1500-1599

Fairway CRC     3600-3699​

Forest Grove CRC     1700-1799

Forest Grove Ref  1800-1899

Cedar OPC     2000-2099

Hager Park Ref     2100-2199

Hanley CRC     2200-2299

Immanuel CRC     2500-2599

Hudsonville Ref     2600-2699

Jamestown CRC     2700-2799

Messiah CRC     2900-2999

Rosewood Ref     3000-3099

Ridgewood CRC     3100-3199

Zutphen CRC     3400-3499

Scale Calibration

To easily calibrate your scale without calibration weights, use the following coin method.


approx. .20 oz each

5 = approx. 1 oz


approx. ..09 oz each

11 = approx. 1.01 oz


approx. .17 to .18 oz ea

6 = approx. 1.05 oz


approx. .08 oz ea

13 = approx. 1.04 oz

  • Individual coins do vary depending on how uncirculated they are, so those minor variations multiply exponentially in quantities

  • a quarter is the most accurate because only 25 are needed for 5oz and individually they are the closest to an even number

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