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Hudsonville Fair
August 21-26, 2023

Both Grand Valley and Rush Creek Councils have reserved a booth at the 2023 Hudsonville Fair.  The official fair schedule can be found here, while booth signup schedule is below; email Paul De Windt to volunteer for one or more spots.

If you volunteer to man the booth, you'll receive a free pass to the fair for the day you are at the booth.  We request that you wear your cadet uniform, stay by the booth during your time slot, and answer questions anybody may have about cadets.  A list of Rush Creek clubs and a map showing church locations will be at the booth so people can be referred to a club if desired.

Typically you will also speak to people who have kids in cadets, past counselors, and supporters like grandparents.  Although the primary reason we run this booth is to advertise our cadet clubs, hobnobbing with supporters is a valuable use of your time, too!  Please consider volunteering this year.

Monday, August 21

  • 10am-2pmOpen

  • 2pm-6pm: Open

  • 6pm-10pm: Jim VanderWeide


Tuesday, August 22

  • 10am-2pmDave Buter

  • 2pm-6pm: Don Van Der Klok

  • 6pm-10pm: Jeff Sietsema

Wednesday, August 23

  • 10am-2pmJeremy Kamper

  • 2pm-6pm: Dave Buter

  • 6pm-10pm: Nate DeWindt

Thursday, August 24

  • 10am-2pm: Open

  • 2pm-6pm: Todd Dodde

  • 6pm-10pm: Todd Dodde

Friday, August 25

  • 10am-2pmCraig Bruins

  • 2pm-6pm: Todd Dodde

  • 6pm-10pm: Nate Kamps

Saturday, August 26

  • 10am-2pmJim VanderWeide

  • 2pm-6pm: Tom Dykema 

  • 6pm-10pm: Paul  De Windt

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