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April 26–27, 2024

2023 Info

This year will have a Friday evening event, campsite judging, and fun games. There is no service project this year.

For the schedule, please refer to the sample schedule on this page. 


Register at the Pathfinder building when you arrive either Friday night or Saturday morning.


  1. Each cadet must be prepared for camping including all gear, a Bible, and your Cadet uniform.

  2. Uniforms are to be worn at all times except during game time.

  3. Cadets will obey any counselor.

  4. Each cadet and counselor must participate in every activity (if physically possible) regardless of personal preference. You will be judged on your participation at all times. One counselor may remain at your camp site during morning watch to maintain a fire for breakfast. Each club is responsible for any actions of all persons with you.

  5. NO trespassing in other club's areas, damaging other campsites, or disrupting the camping of other clubs. 

  6. Cadets shall not have in their possession anything that is disruptive to the Camporee. This includes radios, comic books, cards, fire crackers, lighters, squirt guns, or electronic games (if in doubt - don't take it or have it).

  7. Club camping is to be emphasized. Each club must stay together in a group for the program, flag raising, and closing devotions.

  8. Each campsite must be neat and orderly at all times. Campsite inspection happens throughout Camporee.

  9. Camp fires are to be burning only at specified times and all fires must be attended. Area must be raked free of all leaves and pine needles in at least a 10 foot radius in all directions from fire. Fires must be safe and have required buckets of water available at all times (two 5 gallon buckets for first fire and one additional 5 gallon bucket for each additional fire). No fires during the program on Friday evening. Buckets should be replenished for judges to see.  

  10. No needless burning of wood or cutting or damaging live trees. Protect the beautiful nature that God has given us to enjoy.

  11. Absolutely no destruction of any property.

  12. Please use the new outhouses - the bathrooms in the buildings are off-limits. Latrines may be used by the campsites on the south road where there is no outhouse.

  13. Wood chopping areas must be well marked and roped off. Axemanship is required to use hand axe or saw in chopping area. Careful supervision is always required. Follow axemanship rules.

  14. Do not leave or bury your trash. All non-burnable trash must be placed in bags and taken home with you for proper disposal.

  15. No use of flashlights or lighters at the evening program. Flashlights or lighters will be taken away if they are turned on or used without authorization at the program.

  16. Lights out at midnight. Cadets should be in bed by 11:00 but may sit by the fire with a counselor for "quiet time" until 12:00 if desired. Counselors may visit another club if cadets are in bed and the counselor can see his campsite from where he is visiting.

  17. No chain saws or other power type equipment or tools to be used during Camporee.

  18. Only two vehicles at campsite during Camporee (camping trailer counts as one vehicle). All other vehicles must be parked by the buildings by 7:30 on Friday night (Parking on vacant campsite next to yours is permitted.). No moving of vehicles until after closing ceremonies. 

  19. Buildings are off limits to everyone except the committee.

  20. Use common sense or see a committee member for all situations not covered by these rules.



Cadet Club ____________________________________ Number________

1. TENTS  (5 points each – total of 40 possible points) 

____ Neat 
____ Clean
____ Good repair
____ Ropes visible and out of walk areas
____ No dead branches overhead or near dead trees
____ No combustible material within 4' of tents (e.g. leaves, 
          pine needles, & etc.)
____ Bed rolls/sleeping bags & gear neat
____ Bibles - should be on your bags

____ TOTAL

2. SITE ATTRACTIVENESS (5 points each - total of 15 possible points)

____ Use of camping site
____ Use of natural material
____ Use of knots and lashing (more than water stand)

____ Orderliness of tent and camp set-up
____ Cleanliness of site (Cooking utensils and gear stowed properly, all trash  
         picked up, and neat appearing camp site (foot prints don't count)

____ TOTAL

3. FIRE AREA  (5 points each – total of 15 possible points)

____ Area cleared of all combustible material within 10' of fire 
         (Lawnchair, leaves, pine needles, woodpile, fire stand, etc.
____ Proper fire pit
____ Fire out completely when not attended (No smoke, live coals, 
             or hot spots)

____ TOTAL

4. WATER STAND (5 points each – total of 15 possible points) 

____ Near fire pit (No more than 20 ft. away, no closer than 10 ft.)
____ Two 5 gallon buckets of water for first fire and one 5 gallon 
       bucket for each additional fire
____ Both buckets must be 3/4 full

____ Sturdy construction with good lashing
____ Bottom of pail no more than 2 feet off ground

____ TOTAL

5. WOOD CHOPPING AREA (5 points each - total of 20 possible points)

____ Well marked area and roped off 
____ Area at least 10' square
____ Neat and clean
____ Neat wood pile outside of chopping area

____ Axes, saws, & tools stored safely in cutting area 
        (Cutting edges not exposed)

____ TOTAL

6. CLUB BEHAVIOR  (5 points each - total of 15 possible points)

____ No rowdiness
____ Obey the rules
____ No damaging live trees

____ No lights after midnight
____ Bibles at flagpole
____ Check in upon arrival

____ TOTAL

7. ATTENDANCE AT FUNCTIONS (5 points each - total of 10 possible points)

____ All cadets and counselors must be at all meetings and games 
        (Exception - 1 counselor or junior counselor attending fire during flag
        raising ceremonies)
____ Promptness at all functions

____ Promptness at sandbowl on Friday evening
____ Promptness at flag pole on Saturday morning.
____ Promptness at flag pole on Saturday for games

____ TOTAL

8. GAMES (5 points each - total of 10 possible points)

____ Cadet and Counselor participation
____ Discipline and good sportsmanship


____ Only one vehicle and trailer allowed on your site. Minus 5 points for
        each additional vehicle.

Club Name_________________________________ .  GRAND TOTAL _______

GAMES will be judged and scored separately for all 24 teams. The Camporee Committee strongly encourages the following:

  • All the Cadets should participate

  • All the Counselors should participate

  • Team spirit and cheering (both cadets and counselors)

  • Good sportsmanship

  • Discipline

Have Fun!

Sample Schedule



5:00 PM 

  • Cadets arrive and set up or complete set-up of camp.

  • Before any fires are started you must prepare your fire area with a water stand and two 5-gallon pails of water. An additional 5-gallon pail is needed for any additional fire.


6:00- 8:15 PM

  • Supper prepared by each church at their own campsite. Devotions are provided.


9:00 PM

  • Evening activity at the sandbowl. This is for your whole club to participate in, although one counselor may remain at the campsite to tend the fire.  


10:30 PM

  • Ready your campsite for next day's inspection.


11:00 PM

  • Cadets must be in bed.


12:00 AM

  • Lights out—quiet time for all




6:00 AM



6:15 AM

  • Proceed to the flagpole (by the Pathfinder lodge) for morning assembly.


6:30 AM

  • Be at the flagpole by the Pathfinder lodge for flag raising and morning chapel. One counselor may remain at the campsite to tend the fire. Points will be deducted for clubs that are tardy.


7:00- 8:30 AM

  • Breakfast (provided by you) and devotions.


8:30- 9:00 AM

  • Prepare for campsite inspections and games.


9:00 AM

  • Meet by the pond to divide into teams for the games.


9:15- 11:15 PM

  • Games, judging of the campsites, and service project. No counselors can remain at your campsite during this time.



  • Provided by you, and devotions.

1:00 PM

  • Flag ceremonies and awards at the flagpole by the Pathfinder lodge.



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