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You Are Invited!

The COVID-19 pandemic shut our clubs and churches far too much, and we've all missed the fellowship God provides through the cadets ministry.  The boards of Rush Creek and Grand Valley councils therefore invite you and your family to a fun day at the GVRC Campground in Allegan county.

We'll start on Saturday, September 11 with a hot dog lunch served from 11:00am to 12:30pm.  Then, fun Open House Activities will run from 12:30 to 4:00 in the afternoon.  It is our hope that counselors, junior counselors, cadets and their families make a day of it at this beautiful location, owned cooperatively by Grand Valley and Rush Creek councils.

The activities will be spread throughout the property and are intended to showcase the various resources offered by the campground.  We invite all who are involved in cadets and their families to attend and learn more about the many ministry-enhancing facilities our respective councils offer to member clubs and family members.

Event Schedule

  • 11:00am Lunch at the Pathfinder Building​

  • 12:30pm Open House Activities begin

  • 4:00pm Open House Activities conclude

Open House Activity Details

A campground map with activity locations can be downloaded soon.

  • Map Reading: Learn how to use a compass to prepare for the Chuckwagon and Snow Derby council events.

  • First Aid: Learn basic first aid skills to prepare for the Snow Derby council event "Cliff Rescue" station.

  • Physical Fitness: This event will utilize the campground’s challenging yet fun obstacle course, with an introduction to the Physical Fitness merit badge.

  • Marksmanship: Learn about the Marksmanship merit badge while shooting pellet guns at the campground’s rifle range.

  • Archery: Learn how to safely shoot a bow at the campground’s indoor archery range.

  • God is in Control Activity: Are you strong and courageous? Do you get afraid and discouraged at times? Come try out this fun activity to test your strength and courage while learning about ways that God is always with you.

Event Policies

  1. COVID-19 Policy: the event will follow current state recommendations for outside gatherings.  Masks are welcome but not required.

  2. Weather Policy: Tornado warning or watch within an hour of starting cancels all activities; ICC Skills Certification, lunch and Open House Activities.  A thunderstorm after lunch cancels Open House Activities.  Nothing will be canceled in case of rain.

  3. Dress Code: Counselors running Open House Activities should wear the cadet uniform.  All others may dress as they desire, though the uniform is encouraged for those involved in the cadet ministry.

  4. Child Policy: children must be accompanied by parents or counselors at all times.

  5. Parking: available onsite, but will be directed by counselors so as to not interfere with event activities.​

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