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New Counselor?  Overwhelmed?  You are in the Right Place!

Rush Creek Council is pleased to hold "Counselor Certification" for new or newer counselors.  Our goal is to bring new counselors into a group led by experienced counselors for an open ended conversation about what a counselor needs to know to be effective in this ministry.

If you have questions about cadets, Rush Creek Council activities, or the Cadet Corps, this is an opportunity for you!  Head Counselors who wish to bring this training to their club need only contact a member of the DCE team and arrangements will be made.

Before a counselor gets to Certification, an open book course must be taken whose purpose is to make a new counselor familiar with all aspects of cadeting in general, and the counselor manual in particular.

The Developer of Counselor Education (DCE) team in Rush Creek requests that counselors take this course on their own, at their own pace.  The DCE team will take finished workbooks or the new interactive PowerPoint version.  The completed course will be sent to Corps headquarters, and a counselor stripe and name tag will be provided for the counselor, free of charge.

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