DCE Education Plan

Rush Creek Cadet Council has a volunteer team to Develop Counselor Education (DCE).  This team plans workshops at monthly counselor meetings in order to help counselors expand their knowledge of the Cadets ministry, and be more effective counselors.  Please look over the 2019/2020 workshop schedule, and select some workshops to attend.

Thursday, Sep 12, DeHaan Greenhouse

Both workshops will take place at DeHaan Greenhouse, corner of 48th and Baldwin St

  • Welding: The very first thing noted in the Welding merit badge is this, “WARNING: Welding is very dangerous and should not be attempted without the careful supervision of an adult who is skilled in the art of welding.” Welding truly is a form of art and we are lucky to have men in our council who are certified welders. Join them (Tony Dennis and his amazing assistant Dan) at this workshop to learn the basics of welding and maybe even try your hand at welding something yourself.

  • Knots and Lashing: ** Cadets Invited **  Larry DeHaan welcomes counselors, dads and cadets to a workshop about knots and lashing.  We'll focus on the clove hitch, the square knot and the shear lash, first training cadets to tie them, then setting a couple of International Camporee structures to provide loads of practice.

Thursday, Oct 10, Beaverdam CRC

  • Counselor Certification: Rush Creek Council is pleased to hold "Counselor Certification" for new or newer counselors, led by Larry DeHaan and Scott Oudbier.  Our goal is to bring new counselors into a group led by experienced counselors for an open-ended conversation about what a counselor needs to know to be effective in this ministry.
    If you have questions about cadets, Rush Creek Council activities, or the Cadet Corps, this is an opportunity for you!  
    Before a counselor gets to Certification, an open book course must be taken whose purpose is to make a new counselor familiar with all aspects of cadeting in general, and the counselor manual in particular.
    The Developer of Counselor Education (DCE) team in Rush Creek requests that counselors take this course on their own, at their own pace.  The DCE team will take finished workbooks or the new interactive PowerPoint version.  The completed course will be sent to Corps headquarters, and a counselor stripe and name tag will be provided for the counselor, free of charge.

  • Jr Counselor Certification: Do you have Cadets that are being called by God to become an effective leader? Only a few Christians are given that calling and this workshop is for those Cadets listening to that call. In this workshop the Cadets will learn what leadership is and what skills, qualities, and attitudes a Christian leader should have. They will acquire from Dan Dennis and Tom Dykema the certification needed to allow them to lead younger Cadets to become more Christ-like in all areas of life.

  • Prayer Merit Badge: What is the most effective tool in the Cadet ministry or any Christian ministry? PRAYER! God invites us to have a conversation with Him and promises us that He hears our prayers. Wouldn’t it be an awesome thing to teach the Cadets how to talk to the most important Being in the Universe? Join Jim Vander Weide at this workshop and you will learn some great tips on how to teach boys, and even ourselves, how to talk to God.


Saturday, Nov 2, Plymouth CRC

  • Regional Conference












Thursday, Nov 14, Cedar OPC

  • Axemanship: ** Cadets Invited ** Scott Oudbier will begin this workshop by discussing and demonstrating the safety portions of the axemanship merit badge.  From there cadets will take a quiz and go from station to station working their way through the “Totin’ Rights”.

Thursday, Dec 12, Heritage CRC, 7pm

  • Combined Meeting with Grand Valley - Steve Dykema from Heritage council will lead a workshop on the Spiders merit badge.  Steve is a board certified entomologist with years of experience working at Rose Pest Control, where he deals with all sorts of bugs!

Thursday, Jan 16, Cottonwood CRC

  • Fishing Rod Building: Do you know the “Ins and outs” of building a fishing rod or even the different parts of the fishing rod? In this workshop, you will learn the different types, parts, guides, wraps, actions, and powers along with how to build a fishing pole from a kit. Paul De Windt may even teach you how to improve your fishing skills. This workshop may require a cost to cover the expense of the kit, but that will be decided and communicated closer to the time of the workshop.

  • Chivaly Merit Badge: What does it mean to be a man or gentleman in today’s society? More importantly, what does it mean to be a man or gentleman according to God’s Word? As Cadets we are called to live like Jesus (Living for Jesus is our Motto), but what does that mean? In this workshop led by Tom Dykema you will learn how to train your Cadets to properly behave toward females, their elders, and those in need of assistance. Qualities all men of today should have!

Thursday, Feb 13, Fairway CRC

  • Paracord Braiding: Matt VanderPloeg from Heritage Council and Dan Dennis will lead a hands-on workshop to teach counselors how to braid paracord into a bracelet.  Counselors attending this workshop will leave with a paracord bracelet of their own that could be unbraided and used at a time of need. Instructions for making them with your Cadets will also be provided, or can be downloaded in PDF format here. This workshop could also be tied to the Braiding merit badge in the RPB Guidebook.

Thursday, Mar 12, First Hudsonville CRC

  • Get Boys and Men Involved in Cadets: this is one of the greatest mysteries in the Cadet ministry, and Paul De Windt will lead a round table workshop to solicit input and ideas from all who attend.  If you have ideas for increasing the number of boys and men in Cadets, please attend this workshop and share them.

  • Life and Death Merit Badge: All of us experience the joys of new life and the pain of losing a loved one to death. Even as adults, these experiences can cause emotions that are difficult to handle. What does God’s Word teach us about this back-and-forth cycle we experience during our own lives? In this workshop, led by Jim Vander Weide, we will learn how to teach Cadets ways to journey through the cycle of life and death with a deep foundation in God’s Word and His love for us.

Thursday, Apr 16, Forest Grove CRC

  • Annual DCE Roundtable: Jim VanderWeide and Scott Oudbier will lead a discussion regarding this year’s workshops and look for ideas for future workshops.


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