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When and Where

Rush Creek Council is pleased to host the 2024 Regional Conference on Saturday, September 28, 2024.  The GVRC Campground, where the All Michigan Camporee was held, will host this training conference for counselors.  Whether you are new to this ministry, or have years of experience, there will be great learning opportunities for you at this event.

Conference registration costs $30 per person, which covers the cost of the conference and lunch.  Overnight accommodations are available upon request, along with a $5 option for a hot breakfast served before the conference.


  • 7:00-7:45 Breakfast

  • 7:45-8:30 Registration

  • 8:30-9:15 Opening/Keynote: Steve Bootsma

  • 9:25-10:20 Workshop Session 1

  • 10:35-11:30 Workshop Session 2

  • 11:30am-12:15pm Lunch

  • 12:15-1:10 Workshop Session 3

  • 1:25-2:20 Workshop Session 4

  • 2:30-3:00 Closing




  1. Head Counselor Certification​ - This one-hour workshop will certify you as a Head Counselor. This is strongly recommended for anyone who is or will be leading a cadet club.

  2. Counselor Certification - 2 hour - This workshop will fully certify you as a Cadet Counselor, which is required to attend the next International Camporee.

  3. Jr Counselor Certification - 2 hour - This workshop will fully certify a Cadet to be a Jr Counselor using the Leadership Guidetrail booklet. You must be certified in order to go to the International Camporee as a Jr Counselor.

  4. Blacksmithing

  5. Dutch Oven Cooking

  6. Archery

  7. Riflery

  8. Paracord Braiding

  9. Ropemaking - Build your own ropemaking machines and make rope from it.

  10. Outdoor Paper Rockets - Build your own rocket out of one sheet of paper and duct tape, then launch the rockets.

  11. Mushrooms - Do you know  much about mushrooms and how to identify the different types? If not, come spend some time with a “fun-guy” to ruffle up some knowledge.

  12. Hiking - Did you know there is a walking/hiking trail here at the GVRC campground? Join us as we spend some time walking some and learning about the others.

  13. Game Processing - DVD and discussion on how to process a deer.

  14. Games to do with Cadets - Elevate your games with your Cadets without breaking the budget.

  15. Junior Cadets Projects - Come get project ideas and hands on experience with one night projects

  16. Guide Trails Overview

  17. Dealing with Sensitive Issues - 2 hour - It is not a matter of “if” but “when” you will run into a Cadet who is dealing with some issues. Do you know what to do? Join this discussion to learn ideas to help you when that time comes.

  18. The Great Flood - How much do you know about the Great Flood recorded in the book of Genesis? Come join us for a session to learn about this catastrophic event.

  19. The Seven 'C's of Salvation - Did you know that the Bible can be summarized up in seven words that start with the letter “C”? If not, then take a journey through the Bible and learn a fun way to sum it all up.

  20. ICC Certification - 2 hour

  21. Dealing with Difficult Boys

  22. Discovering God's Word Bible Lessons - These are more than alternate Bible lessons to the Quest lessons. Come and see how a Counselor can help his Cadets advance through the RPB program.

  23. Corps Resources - Supply Catalog - Most of us Counselors have only a limited knowledge of resources available from Corps for Counselors. Come broaden your knowledge of the Supply Catalog.

  24. Responsibilities of a Jr Counselor

  25. Forestry - Do you know all the trees in the area and how to identify them? Come take a walk through the campground and learn about trees.

  26. Mentors and Coaches - 2 hours - A workshop for men who are interested in becoming mentors/coaches for their councils. Learn how mentoring and coaching differe and when to use each.

  27. Why You Should Go to International Camporee


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