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Shall preserve all valuable papers belonging to the Council and perform all correspondence required in the Council and submit information to the Crusader reporter. He shall keep accurate record of all meetings and record the attendance at each meeting.


  1. The secretary must have the means to type minutes into an electronic file (Google doc, Microsoft Word doc, or other similar format) and to email those (preferably as a pdf) to the various lists. How the minutes are recorded at the meeting is up to the secretary.

  2. Record meeting minutes for monthly board and counselor meetings. During counselor meetings the secretary and president sit at a table together facing the meeting attendees.

  3. For counselor meetings, record number of counselors from each member church in attendance by passing around an attendance sheet at the start of the meeting.

  4. Electronically type and distribute minutes by emailing the pdf file to the counselor or board list email address no later than the weekend after the meeting. The president will send them out again just prior to the next meeting.

  5. The secretary should make sure either they or some other board member makes a number of physical copies of the minutes to distribute during the meetings. Not everyone reads the electronic versions.

  6. Record in a separate notebook any motions that would affect how the board or council operates. This notebook should move with the secretary position.

  7. All board members help judge the Cadet-o-Rama's Best Display, Best Project, and Best Badge awards. This is usually the end of March.

Assistant Secretary


Handles the above responsibilities when the secretary is not available.

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