Rush Creek Cadet Council has a board which meets monthly from September through May. According to our bylaws, the following positions are represented on the board.



Shall preside at all meetings, have a general oversight of the work and activities of the Council, and promote uniformity among the member clubs. He shall have a deciding vote in case of a tie vote.


Vice President

Shall promote organization and uniformity of new clubs, institute and maintain leadership orientation and training, and act in advisory capacity to member clubs upon request. He shall perform all duties of the President during his absence, and be a member of the Constitution Committee.



Shall preserve all valuable papers belonging to the Council and perform all correspondence required in the Council and submit information to the Crusader reporter. He shall keep accurate record of all meetings and record the attendance at each meeting.


Assistant Secretary

Shall maintain and publish proper counselor list, mailing information and maintain proper correspondence to member counselors. He shall perform all duties of the Secretary during his absence and be a member of the Constitution Committee.



Shall keep a systematic record of all moneys collected and disbursed together with all invoices, receipts and other papers relating thereto. The records of the Treasurer shall be audited at the end of each year.


Assistant Treasurer

Shall assist the Treasurer in keeping a systematic record of all receipts and disbursements relative to special Council projects. Upon completion of duties, designated by the Treasurer, he shall forward all records and moneys to the Treasurer. He shall perform all duties of the Treasurer during his absence and be a member of the Constitution Committee.



Shall faithfully represent this Council's interests at all Corps Meetings to which he is delegated. His duties shall also include these specified in the Corps Constitution. Art. 6, Sec. B-, Congressmen shall be responsible for Cadet Clubs Offerings, and Registrations.

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